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Shanghai Fangyuan Studio funded by several practised engineers and designers.We devote ourselves to give CAD services to SMEs.

We provide Computer-Aided Design and Drawing(CADD) of high quality, of efficient service, and of low costs with advanced design software and toolings.

Our one-stop-service can provide you complete business solutions, which help improving efficiency, competitiveness and decreasing the costs of human resources. We provide also the professional services up to the international standards in domain of architecture, structure,electric,mechanism, HVAC, etc.

Services Range:

  • quantity drafting, outsourcing, CAD remote management service
  • rawings category: mechanical drawings, products drawings, decoration engineer drawings, us-built drawings, rendering drawings,CAD-3D modeling.
  • various industries and domains involved, rich experience, reasonable prices, high quality, high efficiency.(cost free for drawings modification and adjustment based on customers' requirements.)

Shanghai Fangyuan Studio insist on giving the best services to our customers in limits of time and costs.